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Quality Nutcrackers and Smoking Men Handmade in the heart of Central Virginia!

Got an idea for a custom nutcracker? We love taking on custom work, it’s a big part of how we got started as a company. We’re proud to say we’re the only manufacturer of handmade wooden nutcrackers in North America.

In past years, much of our work consisted of highly personalized single nutcrackers. We were a much smaller company, and producing nutcrackers was more of a hobby.

Now, because of exponential growth of our company over the last several years, usually it is no longer possible for us to accept commissions of 1-2 custom nutcrackers. Doing so would require a halt in our production schedule, and translate to huge price increases for you, the avid collector (upwards of $1,000). Creating and assembling a nutcracker is a process that can take more than 400 individual steps, not including the preparation of the design, and the dialogue with the customer to ensure their total satisfaction. Nearly all of our custom work now is done for organizations that can offset the cost in design with a production run of 50 or more nutcrackers.

However, we love what we do, and there are cases in which it’s possible to undertake a custom project without much disruption to our production schedule. Our design team can take a look at your ideas and let you know.

Past Custom Projects

'One-of-a-kind' trophy

'one-of-a-kind' wine collector

'one-of-a-kind' trombone player

Commissioning a Custom Nutcracker

If you are interested in commissioning a run of custom nutcrackers, here’s how to begin the dialogue:

  1. Provide images of your character(s).

    From these, we will produce a prototype. A minimum $350 deposit is required for an original prototype. If no photo or image is available, we can design a prototype per your description. Please ensure that you own the rights to your image(s), or can acquire permission from its owners. If an image is copyrighted by another party, then we will be unable to accept your project.

  2. Specify options.

    Examples include wooden branded boxes, bases shipped in advance for signing by cast members, brass nameplates, or certificates of authenticity. We will be happy to assist with all available options.

  3. The final decision.

    We will send you your prototype, along with exact quotes and quantity proposals. Once we receive your approval and 20% deposit, we’ll begin production!


We accept custom work in the early spring months, or before, for the following Christmas season. Production of one run of nutcrackers from start to finish usually takes two months, although the time can vary. We always plan a 20% overrun to help offset unplanned sales. If your design can be produced using stock components, this may reduce the time needed.

We frequently have multiple custom orders that compete for production time, so the sooner we receive your contract, the sooner we can deliver your nutcrackers.


Characteristically, nutcrackers are displayed on a mantle or similar household location, so the average height is 12 inches. However, we are able to produce a variety of sizes, from 4 inches to 6 feet. To produce a typical 12-inch nutcracker, we charge $600 to begin. From there, the price correlates with the level of detail.

If you are interested in commissioning a custom-designed nutcracker, contact: