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    2008 Stamps
    Welcome to NutcrackersUSA!
    Quality Nutcrackers and Smoking Men Handmade in the heart of Central Virginia!

    They are on display at the Smithsonian!

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    In 2006, I got a mysterious call from a very nice lady in Connecticut who was interested in having me produce some custom nutcrackers (four of them). Having been 'burned' on several previous occasions, I'm always careful with these kinds of discussions to make sure that everyone understands what's involved with copyrights and so on...

    You see, I've already been in that trap where I've designed something that's never paid for and is then 'off-shored' to sell millions and in very poor quality!

    With a month or two of dialog, I then got an official call from The United States Postal Service to say that Sally Anderson-Bruce (the mysterious Connecticut lady and ultimately the lady who photographed the stamps) had been instructed to engage TRC Designs, Inc. The next question was would I be interested in producing four original designs to be considered for stamps. My immediate response was...


    I'll post a few photos here with the promise of more information as time permits...

    copyright 2006 - USPS - all rights reserved

    The Drummer - Dry Fit and The Captain with color

    V.I.P.s on stage

    Big Stamps!

    Let's sign a few autographs!

    TRC Designs Nutcrackers on display at the Smithsonian!

    Over the holidays, we heard that our nutcrackers would be on display at the Postal Museum in Washington D.C. So... we took the short drive up on Jan. 2nd (2009) to take a look. We found the Postal Museum next door to Union Station.

    A short trip down the escalator and glance to the right to find our work located behind the statue of our nations first postmaster, Benjamin Franklin! We are told that the display is on temporariy loan from the USPS and that it will only remain until 1/7/2009. I'm not sure at this writing where the original set will go... probably in storage somewhere until a later date.

    Only one word can describe our feelings with this honor of having our work displayed at the Smithsonian...