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Links We Love

Here is where you'll find some links to sites that we really love. Some are friends, some are companies that provide the the tools that we use and most are related in some way to our favorite subject... Nutcrackers!

How about a trip to Germany for a tour dedicated to Nutcrackers! Helga and Jack van Horn are also new found friends who we've come to know in this virtual world. We've not yet taken their tour, but we are quite intrigued with the idea!

Click Here to learn more about Posh Tours!

There are only a few Nutcracker Makers here in the U.S. While a couple of folks claim to be 'American Made', in reality, several of these folks simply buy blanks from China and paint and assemble the 'kits' that are produced of very poor quality. Beware of those!!! I will attempt in this block to link you to the 'real McCoys'! These are true craftsmen that I've checked out and found to be authentic. I'll not yet claim this block to be comprehensive, but if you are looking at products that claim to be American made, and they are not listed here, then they probably originate from China!

A few years ago, we purchased a CNC machine (Computer Numeric Control). Basically it's a computer-controlled router. It's an awesome tool and it completely changed the way we do our jobs in creating nutcrackers. The company is based in Durham, North Carolina (just a couple of hours down the road from us) and they are great to work with... If you are interested in high-tech, state of the art woodworking, visit ShopBot tools!

Click Here to learn more about ShopBot Tools!

Our newest addition to the shop is a Laser Engraver. The tool has arrived, we've been trained and it is unbelievable! This tool will bring our potential to an all new high. We like Universal Laser Systems. They are first quality and made in the USA just like us!

Click Here to learn more about Universal Laser Systems!

Meet Donna and Dan Adams - our new-found friends in Indiana who own Winzerwald Winery. Their label features a Nutcracker... Hmm Nutcrackers and Wine... two of our favorite subjects. Their wine is Excellent, and their website is a joy to visit if you can't take the trip to Indiana to meet them for yourselves!

Click Here to learn more about Winzerwald Winery!